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What's Driving the Emergency Preparedness Phenomenon?

What's the Prepper Movement All About Anyhow?

Once fringe element of survivalists has gone mainstream and it's happened right under everyone's noses for the most part, the. Being a Prepper isn't a new concept, there has normally been that sort of fringe element out there that has an unconventional view of society and some quite low forecasts for how things are going to be in the future. What's new about the Prepper movement is that with the recent natural emergencies, the recession and news of ever increasing government interference into the average citizens personal life, the idea that people is headed toward some kind of significant game changing event has gotten more and more traction with regular middle class Americans.

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Preppers have gone mainstream and the concept of camouflage wearing, gun toting "backwoods baboons" has fallen by the wayside in spite of how the mainstream media wants to portray them. The Prepper movement is made up largely of upper middle class regular folks. These people are no longer society's outliers, they're your co-workers, your colleagues, even that PTA mom at your child's school. Today's Preppers are your next door neighbors and they're quietly preparing for any number of possible eventualities whether you're aware of it or not.

What's Behind the Prepper Movement?

It's a little tough to pinpoint exactly what's driving the Prepper movement. For some folks it was the widely discussed "end of the world" scenarios that began in the late 90's and have been repeated several times since then. There have been various cultural phenomenon such as the Christian "Second Coming" belief, the Mayan Calendar predictions of 2012 and the continual threat of significant terrorist attacks. Add to this a general sense of dissatisfaction and mistrust of the government after the real estate crash and economic meltdown of 2008 and an openly divided electorate after the 2008 presidential elections and you have a veritable cornucopia of reasons that could be seen as the driving force of the Prepper movement. Regardless, this is no longer just a crazy idea out there on the fringes of society, it's become a significant part of our social and cultural awareness.

Are Preppers Crazy or is There a Legitimate Reason For Us To Be Concerned?

Lets face it, doom and gloom predictions about the collapse of society have been around since the dawn of civilization. Whether you choose to get on board with these ideas is just that, a personal choice. There are legitimate reasons to be prepared for a disaster and they don't all boil down to extreme views of society. The truth is, if you live in an area that's prone to hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes the idea of being prepared for a catastrophic event doesn't really sound all that crazy at all.

Consider two recent catastrophic events, hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. These two events were enormous in scope and demonstrated just how unprepared local and national governments were to respond to a disaster of such magnitude. The fact is that for many people in those areas life has not website returned to any sort of pre-disaster normalcy and this is especially jarring when you consider that here the Katrina hurricane occurred almost 8 years ago as of this writing.

The biggest selling point of the modern Prepper movement is that some things have become glaringly apparent. The truth is that even if you're going to rely on the government safety net you probably still need to be prepared to fend for yourself and your family for awhile until that safety net shows up.

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This ultimately is the driving force for the modern Prepper movement. They do feel that it's perfectly reasonable to have a plan and practice putting that plan into action in the event that something goes significantly awry. More advanced Preppers may have skills in animal husbandry and finding and growing their own sources of food in the wild should that become necessary during a prolonged period post-disaster.

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The bottom line is, if something disastrous does happen, your family is going to be relying on you for leadership and advice in that situation and who doesn't want their loved ones to be safe read more in a bad situation? Regardless of your opinion of Preppers, the Prepper Movement is now heavily ingrained into our society and will be an interesting topic of discussion for years to come. With political upheaval, the threat of global pandemics, and seemingly more frequent pace of natural disasters it's no surprise that a previously fringe movement has been gaining steady traction and has become more mainstream.

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